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PDC Medical believes in giving the greatest care to all patients, providing time and a personalised service.
PDC Medical Centre is a family owned and operated GP practice that ensures you are receiving the best quality of healthcare. PDC Medical provides this through their experienced care team that includes doctors / GP, nurses, practice staff and allied health professionals. PDC Medical Centre East Victoria Park have been providing our GP / Doctors services to the local community of East Victoria Park and surrounding suburbs (Bentley, Cannington, Como, South Perth, St James, Victoria Park) since 2015.

We believe that being a GP / Doctor is about more than dealing with disease or minor ailments. PDC Medical Centre want to partner with you for your health and enable you to proactively invest in your health. At PDC Medical Centre, the team will help guide you in lifestyle decisions you need to be making for yourself and your family’s wellness and provide guidance in developing an individualised programme of health checks relevant for you at your stage in life. The PDC Medical Centre East Victoria Park team pride themselves on their knowledge of all health topics and their professional, gentle and friendly manner.

PDC Medical centre is a medical centre located in the heart of East Victoria Park, next to the famous Antz in Ya Pantz coffee. If you are looking for a GP near East Victoria Park, or a Medical Centre in Victoria Park, come visit the friendly and professional health team at PDC Medical Centre East Victoria Park.

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