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Womens Health

There are a number of health-related issues that are specific to women alone. At PDC Medical Centre, the General Practitioners (GP)or Doctors will be able to assist with any prevention and health related matters associated with women’s health. These medical or health services include:

·      All types of contraception

·      Annual Check-ups

·      Breast Cancer Screening

·      Breast examinations

·      Cardiovascular health

·      Cholesterol Management

·      Diabetes

·      Depression and post-natal depression

·      Emergency contraception (also called the 'morning after pill’)

·      Hair Loss

·      Menopause

·      Menstrual problems

·      Osteoporosis

·      Painful Periods

·      Pap smears / Cervical screenings

·      Pelvic Pain

·      Pregnancy testing

·      Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs –previously called STDs)

·      Termination counselling

·      Urinary Problems (Incontinence issues)

·      Vaginal infections / thrush

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