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Skin Check

According to the Australian Government Department of Health, in 2010 almost 780,000 skin cancers were diagnosed and treated in Australia.

At PDC Medical Centre, the team promote regular self checks on your skin including any moles or lesions. The Cancer Council provide great advice on regular checks that can be used. Self checks are useful but sometimes we need the doctor to take a closer look.

The doctors at PDC Medical Centre have attended extensive training to provide a skin check service. Using dermatoscopy (a special handheld magnifying device), the GP /Doctors  can examine any spots, lesions or areas of concern. Dr Kiran is also able to perform minor surgery for a biopsy (further testing) or removal of any moles or lesions if suitable. The PDC Medical Doctors are trained in the knowledge of non-surgical treatments of skin and skin cancers.

If you require a skin check, book online with PDC Medical or call on (08) 6110 0578.

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