PDC Medical Centre Services

Men's Health

Men and women have different health issues that are unique. At PDC Medical Centre Victoria Park, the General Practitioners (GP) or Doctor will be able to assist with any prevention and health related matters associated with men. These medical or health services include:

·      Annual Checkups

·      Cardiovascular health

·      Cardiovascular risk assessment

·      Cholesterol Management

·      Diabetes

·      Erectile Dysfunction

·      Fatigue

·      Fitness

·      Hair Loss

·      Hormone Evaluation

·      Hypertension

·      Libido Changes

·      Prostate Evaluation

·      Prostate Cancer Screening

·      Sexual Health

·      Sleep Problems / Sleep Apnea

·      Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) / SexuallyTransmitted Infections (STI) screening

·      Urinary Difficulty (Continence issues)

·      Weight Management

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