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Dr Rochelle Orap

Dr Rochelle Orap has been with the PDC Medical Team as a Dr(Doctor) / GP (General Practitioner) in East Victoria since January 2021. Dr Orap is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm if you need to see a GP(General Practitioner) / Doctor.

Since January 2021, Dr Rochelle Orap has met all the previous clients of Dr Kiran Ramegowda and continues to provide the highest-level medical care for all patients and clients. No matter how small the health query, whether it be allergies or a small cut or a complex health issue or chronic condition such as Diabetes, Asthma or Arthritis, the PDC Medical Centre team with Dr Rochelle Orap are here to help everyone.

If you are looking for a GP (General Practitioner) near you in East Victoria Park or Victoria Park or if you are in the surrounding suburbs around Perth, Western Australia, the PDC Medical Team would love to be assist with all your health needs.

To better assist all people requiring a GP (General Practitioner) appointment, Dr Rochelle Orap at PDC Medical Centre standard consults are bulk billed for all children under 15 years old, valid pension and concession card holders, veteran affairs card holder and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. All other fees are available under bookings and fees on the PDC Medical Centre website.

To book an appointment, you can walk-in to PDC Medical Centre, call us on (08) 6110 0578 or book online via Hotdoc or Healthengine. We have conveniently placed these on our PDC Medical Centre homepage to help you make a Dr’s appointment.

The team at PDC Medical Centre are passionate in providing the best clinical care for all your health needs.

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